Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Questions? You have questions? I have answers!

A couple of months ago, I sent out a newsletter that included an FAQ. I thought I would update and post this here. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Your books have many connecting characters. What order would you recommend we read them in?
Small Town Siren (Texas Sirens #1), features Abby Moore, Jack Barnes, and Sam Fleetwood
Siren in the City (Texas Sirens #2), features Abby Moore, Jack Barnes, and Sam Fleetwood
Away From Me, features Gabrielle Sullivan and Callum Reed
Siren Enslaved (Texas Sirens #3), features Danielle Bay, Julian Lodge, and Finn Taylor
Siren Beloved (Texas Sirens #4), features Lexi Moore, Aidan O’Malley, and Lucas Cameron
Playing the Field, features Tess Proffit, Curt Goff, Mike Cabrerra, Marcus Grant, Randy Hall, and Kevin Best
Three to Ride (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #1), features Rachel Swift, Max Harper, and Rye Harper
Two to Love (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #2), features Callie Sheppard, Nate Wright, and Zane Hollister
One to Keep (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #3), features Jennifer Waters and Stefan Talbot
Siren in Waiting (Texas Sirens #5), features Bethany, Trev McNamara, and Bo O’Malley
Lost in Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #4), features Laura Niles, Cam Briggs, and Rafe Kincaid
Found in Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #5), features Holly Lang, Alexei Markov, and Caleb Burke
Pure Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #6) features Hope McLean, James Glen, and Noah Bennett
Siren in Bloom (Texas Sirens #6) features Shelley Hughes, Leo Meyer, and Wolf Meyer
Chasing Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #7) features Jesse McCann, Gemma Wells and Cade Sinclair
Siren Unleashed (Texas Sirens #7) features Ben and Chase Dawson and Natalie Buchanan
Once Upon a Time in Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #8) features Henry Flanders and Nell Finn

Which characters are connected across series?

Texas Sirens’ Julian, Jack, and Sam make a brief appearance in Two to Love.

Bliss, Colorado’s Wolf Meyer and Texas Sirens’ Leo Meyer are brothers, and Cassidy, Mel’s girlfriend in the Bliss series, is their mother. Wolf will be joining Leo at The Club for Siren in Bloom.

Bethany, Trev, and Bo moved from Deer Run, Texas to Bliss, Colorado at the end of Siren in Waiting. Trev is James’s new partner in the Circle G Ranch. Jack Barnes is involved with the Circle G as well.

Gabrielle and Callum from Away From Me are now in business with Danielle, Julian, and Finn. Gaby now runs Dani’s spa in Willow Fork and she and Callum live there with their two kids.

Curt, the star quarterback from Playing the Field, makes an appearance at the beginning of Siren in Waiting.

Finn, from Siren Enslaved, acts as Jennifer Waters attorney when she gets into some trouble at the beginning of One to Keep.

Logan Green leaves Bliss, Colorado at the end of Found in Bliss to spend some time at The Club in Dallas, TX. He appears in Siren in Bloom and Siren Unleashed.

Vampire versions of Stefan Talbot and Julian Lodge appear in Beast: A Faery Story. The town of Bliss appears in Beauty: A Faery Story.

Will ________________ get their own book?

I have books planned for several characters. Here’s a little preview:
Once Upon a Time in Bliss – this is Nell and Henry’s novella – a little prequel
Back in Bliss – Logan Green, Georgia Dawson and Seth Stark
Siren Reborn – Cole Roberts, Kitten Taylor and MasonScott

Eventually I mean to write books about:
Bliss- Lucy/Michael/Ty, Sawyer and Naomi and a player to be named later
Sirens- I’m introducing the whole Dawson family – Win, Marc and Drew
Bliss – I think I might have to revisit Caleb’s brothers and expect a book where Nell and Henry are the secondary characters who are forced to deal with Henry’s past.

How soon after a book is released on Bookstrand will it be released on other websites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble?

My books are available exclusively on Bookstrand for approximately four weeks after they are released. I’ll let you know through Facebook, Twitter, and my website as soon as they are available.

How soon after a book is released is it available in print?

Print books usually become available about three months after the eBook is released.


  1. I am so looking forward to reading more about Henry's past.

  2. I'm sooo glad that you're planning on writing so many more books! I can't wait!!