Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cover Reveal and Tuesday Tease

I thought I would start a little Tuesday tradition around here. Every Tuesday I'll post a little snippet of my current work in progress - either the book I'm currently writing or the one in edit or who knows maybe just hints and secrets about what's coming up. This Tuesday is particularly fun because I got the cover for Siren Unleashed, Texas Sirens 7 yesterday. I'm really excited about Ben and Chase Dawson's story. It's a big book in the Bliss world, too, because it features Logan Green in his last Texas Sirens appearance. He'll be headed back to Bliss in his next book.

Here's the blurb:

Twin detectives Ben and Chase Dawson have been sent to investigate an unusual murder at a resort owned by Julian Lodge. Julian wants them to protect the prime suspect, a young submissive who was the last person to see the victim alive. The job seems simple until Ben and Chase discover that the beautiful submissive they both desire has a dark past.
Natalie Buchanan came to the Willow Fork Tranquility Spa seeking sanctuary after escaping the clutches of a twisted sadist. Working as a massage therapist at the resort has given her a chance to heal as well as access to the spa’s secret dungeon. But when one of her regular clients ends up dead on her table, Natalie fears that the monster she once escaped has come back to claim her.
As Natalie rediscovers the beauty of BDSM with her twin Masters, all three will be forced to confront her past. 

And an excerpt. This particular excerpt highlights Chase Dawson's skill as an interrogator:

Natalie turned, wanting to keep hold of the sweet dream she’d been having. She’d been riding Ben, his cock sliding deep inside, but this time, instead of Chase’s sarcasm interrupting them, she felt him at her back, gently pressing her down. His hands played with the cheeks of her ass, trying to make a place for himself. Twins. She was caught between them and there was no jealousy now, just an overwhelming drive to pleasure. 
And she wanted to give. Her need to submit roared back, and in the haze of the dream she didn’t need her armor. They wouldn't hurt her. They’d been sent to protect her. It was good and right to submit to them. Her guardian angels, one grumpy and the other so sweet he took her breath away. 
The gorgeous grump was behind her now, his cock pressing against her asshole.
“Take me. Please, Sir.” She could ask him for this. She needed to be filled with them, trapped, with no way out, but this time the cage of their arms would lead her to heaven.
Nat opened her eyes with a smile on her face. 
And then she sat up and screamed. 
Chase, because there was no way that sarcastic grin belonged to Ben, merely propped his head in his hand and patted the bed beside him. “Don’t freak out on me, sweetness. Rest. It’s too early for recriminations.”
“It’s also too early for all that…god, Dawson, where the hell are your clothes?” 
He was just laying there, his gorgeous body in a centerfold-like pose. “You’re wearing my shirt. I didn’t have anything else.”
“Bullshit. And I’m not wearing your underwear.”
He winked her way. “I’m not that big into underwear. I feel better with my junk free to move around. It helps me concentrate. Tell me about Stanley.”
“You’re kidding. You want to interrogate me while you’re naked and I’m wearing nothing but a shirt?” And she should have known he didn’t wear underwear. He’d taken hers the night before. 
And god he was heart-meltingly handsome. 
He sighed a little. “Sweetness, we need to get this shit out of the way. The quicker I make sure you don’t go to jail, the quicker we can get to the good stuff. Although I’m perfectly willing to do all that good stuff while I’m investigating. Seriously, it might actually help. I often do some of my best thinking while fucking. I’m a multitasker.”
She closed her eyes, trying to figure out exactly how she felt about the situation. Just days before she would have told anyone that she would be fighting and running out the door, but she felt safe with him. He hadn’t done anything she hadn’t asked him to do except fight with her to keep her safe. Even then he’d sacrificed. And his brother wasn’t any different. They were flip sides of the same gorgeous, completely fucked-up coin. And yes, she admitted, the fucked-up part intrigued her. She peered down at him, taking in everything. Yep. They were totally and completely twins right down to that monster dick that kind of made her mouth water.
“How can you think like that? All your blood has to be in your…you know.”
He grinned, looking younger than he had before. His face was always layered with a worldly, almost pained sophistication, but now he looked lighter. “Don’t mind him. He does this every morning. He’s used to being patient and lying in wait for his prey. Now, tell me about Stanley, gorgeous girl. Did he try to get into your panties?”
She rolled her eyes. “Why does everyone ask that?”
“I ask it because I would try. I even made it easier on myself by getting rid of your panties. All I have to do is get under that T-shirt. Now answer my question.”
She frowned. “It’s hard to take you seriously.”
His hand came out, pushing her hair back. “Try. Tell me about Stanley.”
“Fine. He was a client. He came on to me once. The first time he made an appointment with me, I sat down and took all his information. And he asked me about happy endings.” She remembered that she pretty much wanted to punch the asshole. It hadn’t been so long since she’d been cleared for work. They’d needed to make sure she wouldn’t kill anyone. She’d totally thought about killing Stanley. 
“Why didn’t you walk out?” Chase was looking at her boobs. Sure, they were covered, but he was looking at the place where her boobs would be. And her nipples hardened. Because she was a freak. 
“He was the third client who’d asked about it. I told him if he touched me I would take his balls off, and he nodded and said he understood.” He’d been a creep, but he’d tipped well. “Look, Dawson, massage therapy was all I knew. I went to college, but I didn’t come out of it with a degree I could use.”
He smiled slightly, his big hand reaching for hers. He touched the middle finger of her right hand where it was well callused. “Arts?”
Years she’d spent with a paintbrush in her hand only to learn no one gave a damn that she could mimic the moderns. “Yep. Four years of undergrad work and I was ready for a job in the fast-food industry. So I went to massage therapist school. My mom suggested it. My dad was friends with the man who ran the school.”
“You mentioned your parents were in the lifestyle.” Chase had the sweetest smile on his face. God, he was gorgeous. 
“My mom was Dad’s sub. Was? Still is. They’re very active. Mom still gets her ass whipped in all kinds of classes. Mom and Dad founded their club in San Antonio. They still have a munch every third Saturday.” She hated to think about how close her tragedy had come to breaking them. 
Chase traced a hand across her cheek. “It must have hurt them terribly when they learned what happened to you.”
She nodded, but didn’t move away. “Yes.”
“Natalie, sweetness, you understand that what happened to you wasn’t BDSM, right? It was assault. It was rape. I’ve heard the term nonconsensual BDSM and it’s flat-out dumb. It’s an oxymoron. There’s no such thing as nonconsensual BDSM. Nonconsensual BDSM is a crime. BDSM is a choice. It’s like telling someone they had nonconsensual sex. Baby, there’s sex and then there’s rape.”
She knew the difference intellectually. Emotionally was a whole new challenge.
The door opened and Ben walked in. He didn’t seem to have his brother’s problems with underwear. He was in a pair of boxers that hung low on his perfectly muscled hips and showed off that shouldn’t-be-allowed-in-real-life eight-pack of his. He rolled in a tray that promised all manner of breakfast delights. He stopped, his jaw dropping open just a bit.
“Dude, seriously? Where the fuck are your pants?”
Chase rolled on to his back, his cock thrusting up. God, Ben had sort of looked like that last night when she rode him to her first orgasm in years. Of course she’d thought he was Chase. So in a way she’d already slept with Chase. In her head at least. And she’d totally slept with Ben. 
God, what would it be like if this little domestic scene was real? She had a choice. She could run and they probably wouldn’t stop her. She could get dressed, and the next time she saw them everything would be back on a professional footing and she could go right back to her comfortable shell. 
Except her shell had cracked all to hell last night, and she kind of liked the freedom. Old Nat would have reveled in this. Old Nat would be joking and laughing and holding it all in as a crazy experience she could remember in her golden years. 
That Nat was dead, but she didn’t have to retreat into her shell again. 


So that's all for today. Hope you enjoyed it. Siren Unleashed is coming out on Siren Bookstrand October 26th!


  1. I wish Oct. 26th would be here like NOW!!!! I can't wait for this book...Thanks for the share Sophie, it made my day.

  2. OMG, Chase is going to be so much fun! LOL Great tease Sophie!