Monday, January 21, 2013

Book-versary Day 5

Welcome to Sophie Oak’s 20th Book-versary! Join us here every day as we count down to the release of Once Upon a Time in Bliss, Sophie’s 20th release, on January 25th. We’ll be posting a trivia question here each day about Sophie’s books and giving out great prizes including bags by Coach and Kate Spade.

Congratulations to yesterday's winner, Maria H.! The correct answer was Ike. Ike is some odd mix of retriever and Great Dane, a huge monster, but sweet as the day is long. Though the Army banned pets on base, Aidan’s unit adopted him. After Aidan was injured and returned to the US, his former CO showed up on Aidan’s ranch leading Ike by a leash. They’ve been happy together ever since.

To play today, email the answer to the following question to Chloe at All correct responses sent before midnight CST on January 22nd will be entered into a drawing to win a fragrance collection from Burberry, a Stella’s Diner travel mug, $5 in Bookstrand Strandbucks, and other Sophie swag. Please do not post the answer below. We'll post the winner's name tomorrow, as well as another question with another great prize. Thanks for playing!

In Chasing Bliss, how did Patrick Welch first try to kill Gemma Wells?

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