Saturday, August 13, 2011

My night at the movies

So the hubby decided to pull me out of the writing cave last night. Our kids had gone their separate ways and we were alone. A movie sounded like a great plan.

Sophie : What just came out?
Hubby : There's a lot of stuff out. How about Crazy, Stupid Love?
Sophie : No romance. I need a change. What else?
Hubby : The Help just came out.
Sophie : Awesome. Is it about a hot cabana boy?
Hubby: Uhm. No. It is not about a hot cabana boy. What's wrong with you?
Sophie: Okay. No hot cabana boy. Does the help get eaten by an irradiated shark?
Hubby stares.
Sophie : Does the help get mauled by an escaped experiment gone awry resulting in a combo of man and mosquito?
Hubby : Sophie, this isn't a Saturday night Sci-Fi movie. It's a contemplative drama about race relations in the south.
Sophie : And no one gets eaten and no hot guys are wearing short shorts?
Hubby : Nope. Not a one. Have you ever noticed that your admiration for films goes up in relation to the amount of times the male lead takes off his clothes?
Sophie : Untrue. I just prefer a little action in my films. So The Help is out.
Hubby sighs : Rise of the Apes it is then.

And you know what - Rise of the Apes wasn't half bad. I cheered for the apes of course because all the humans in the film were assholes. All in all a good night.

And I saw a preview for Conan the Barbarian. Now that looks like a film with an impressive plot. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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